Know Your Customer :: Target Their Interest

Diversity is all around us. And with the diversity available within the BioZyme® product line, your customer base could include a family who feeds lambs and goats for a seasonal show circuit, someone else who is a fifth-generation purebred cattle producer and another who breeds prize-winning show dogs. 

Obviously, with such a broad spectrum of potential customers, your marketing plan can’t be a one-size-fits-all. Just as it is essential to know details about your customer, it is just as important to know how to provide a unique marketing approach to fit each customer’s needs.

According to a University of Kansas “Community Tool Box” website
(, market segmentation enhances your ability to best use the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.

  • PRICE: Price comes in different forms. A customer may be willing to pay a premium for quality if that is something you know is important to them (see page 8 for an example of how CJ Feed & Supply obtains this information). At the same time, a customer may be willing to pick up product versus having it delivered if they desire a lower cost.
  • PRODUCT: Knowing and understanding customers need different products for their various species and goals will allow you to have a more personal conversation, whether that be in person or through marketing efforts.
  • PLACE: Different customers can be reached in different places. Perhaps you have a customer who wants you to call them on a regular basis, while another appreciates a personal visit to his or her operation. A group of customers might benefit from an email that highlights upcoming price changes for products you know they use regularly, and another group might appreciate the
    opportunity to attend a producer meeting.
  • PROMOTION: Each customer responds differently to
    marketing and advertising. As mentioned in previous
    newsletters, the BioZyme marketing staff has tools
    (email, direct mail, texting, signage, etc.) and resources
    available to help you reach these customer groups.
    Contact Katie Vaz, Marketing and Communications
    Manager, at or 816-596-8782  for more information about which marketing tools are available and best suited for you.

Since you know your customers best and their specific needs, it is important to be able to relate to their needs. Is breeding season approaching in your particular region? Perhaps you begin heavier promotion and offer education on the benefits of ConceptAid®. Do you have several customers who show pigs during a summer jackpot series? It might benefit you and those customers to attend the first show of the season to promote Vita Charge®.

Targeted marketing quickly shows each customer segment that you care about their specific needs and have the products to meet those needs. This type of marketing positions you as a specialist in  the eyes of your customer and encourages  them to seek you out when they have a question, problem or product request. This relationship-building marketing strategy will draw your customers closer to you and make them more willing to invest in you and your products instead of your competitors.

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