Haul ‘Em and Charge ‘Em with Vita Charge®!

The busy winter show season is upon us, which means it is time to talk about STRESS.

Stress is a MAJOR factor that causes shifts in the gut environment, leading to digestive upset and a decrease in appetite. Show livestock are no doubt the most susceptible to stress as we haul them to and from shows, introduce them to new environments and weather changes, surround them with unfamiliar livestock and change their daily routines and feed on show day. Combat the challenges of the show environment with the quick response of Vita Charge®.

Vita Charge is a fast-acting, multi-specie livestock supplement for use during stressful times when livestock need protection or assistance in recovery. The Vita Charge product line offers versatility in many forms making application easy depending on what is best for your animal. The products’ powerful dose of vitamins, B vitamins and the Amaferm® advantage makes it the perfect fit when your livestock need protection or assistance in recovery.

When To Use: 

  • Vita Charge Gel or Liquid Boost®
    • Start administering Vita Charge Gel or Liquid Boost® 5-7 days prior to leaving for the show through the duration of the show.
  • Vita Charge Climate Control Gel
    • Even though it is cold outside, animals can still experience heat stress and changes in regular body temps as we take them in and out of temperature-controlled barns and areas.
    • Help maintain a normal body temperature with Vita Charge Climate Control Gel!
  • Vita Charge Clench
    • As the weather changes or we begin making nutritional shifts to get animals show day ready, they run a high risk for SCOURS. Help your animal recover QUICKLY from show day scours with Vita Charge Clench, a gel for all species of livestock ideal for use during diarrhea and scours treatments to support recovery, hydration and nutrient absorption.

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