How Can Improvements Benefit your Business?

New and improved. Bigger and better. Safer and more accurate. All of these phrases might have your customers’ heads spinning when what they really want is the BioZyme products that they and their animals have come to rely on over the years at an affordable price.

As we continuously improve our products, we want to inform the customers why these improvements were made. Were we offering a second-rate product before? No. Did our product need to be improved? Maybe not. However, if we never make changes, we are never striding forward.

What do these changes mean? They mean that the products that you and your customers have come to know and rely on over the years are just getting better. Yes, they still do what they say they do – provide a good gut feeling, help improve conception rates, mitigate heat stress and more. However, the products do all of that safer and more accurately while enhancements are made to make the products more appealing to the animals.

Below are some talking points for you and your staff to keep on-hand for when your customers have questions.

  • BioZyme cares about providing safe products free of even the tiniest particles of metal and other debris and has invested its resources in a series of screens, filters and magnets to ensure that the only things in its bags are the products your animals want to eat.
  • Accuracy is important to the customer. It is important to BioZyme too. That’s why the company engages in a series of automated testing and checklists to ensure what we say is in each bag is in that bag. Our labels match the ingredients inside the bag to put your minds at ease.
  • Consistency is important. We want the bag of product you open today to be the same as you opened last week and the week before. Due to need for consistent flavor, we have worked with one of our international Amaferm ® distributors to develop proprietary flavors for each product line that will be introduced in early 2022, so each bag of product will continue to have the same appealing taste, bag after bag after bag.
  • Care that comes full circle is the heart of BioZyme. Amaferm, our precision prebiotic, is at the core of that care, but we also like to pair Amaferm with the probiotic, that we added to our Stress Tubs to make them more effective. We are always trying to make our products better for your animals.

Improvements mean one thing. We are moving upward. As long as we are making improvements, our customers can feel good about the steps we are taking to provide their animals the best products that do what we say they will do, while helping improve their bottom line.

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