Staying Innovative to Ensure Consistency and Palatability

If something leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you probably aren’t going back for a second bite. The same is likely true for animals of all species. That is why during a random survey of customers and sales staff we asked them to explain safe and accurate products from their perspective. Palatability was in their top three concerns. Yes, palatability, or the fact that something tastes good is important to customers and salespeople when it comes to animal products.

Therefore, BioZyme® Inc. has been working to make sure the products it sells are palatable to the animal and have the same taste with each and every bag. According to Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., Companion Animal Business Development Manager at BioZyme who also works on the Research and Development Team, much time and effort has been dedicated to ensuring all products will have superb palatability.

Whitacre said BioZyme has been working in cooperation with a European company that is an expert in flavorings to establish proprietary flavor profiles for each line of BioZyme products. Not only is this company a flavor expert, it is also an international distributor for Amaferm®, so this new partnership allows us to deepen our relationship.

First, a sample of all of our products was sent to Europe so the company there could get an understanding of each of our products and the current smell. Once they understood the various product lines, they could start creating a proprietary flavor for each product line. The trick is to make sure the products are not too tasty.

“We took it a further step because especially for the free-choice minerals we want it palatable enough that they will eat it, but not too palatable that it will lead to over consumption,” Whitacre said.

However, it wasn’t enough to just find the ideal flavors for the mineral products. Whitacre also said it was important to BioZyme to make sure that the liquid and gel products are palatable and pleasing to the animals.

“Even though the animals don’t get the choice to eat or take the product, in the case of Cattle Drench where it is administered, we still want the product to be palatable and enjoyable for the animal,” she said. “By developing liquid flavors that we can add into those products it highlights our commitment to palatability and making safe and accurate products that are highlighting palatability when it maybe isn’t the most important thing. I’m excited about that!”

Each line will have its own distinct flavor so when you open a bag of VitaFerm®, you will know it is VitaFerm, and when you open a bag a Vitalize, it will be different from any other product line. Flavors will be familiar flavors that people are used to and should recognize, Whitacre said.

Final samples of the flavors will be mixed into products and tested on actual animals in the next few months. Since these flavors are proprietary, they will undergo the registration process with plans of being introduced early in 2022.

You asked. We listened. Palatability is important to you and your animals. Therefore, it is important to us. Be looking for new and improved products with a proprietary flavor profile coming soon.

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