Discovering A Passion Will Lead To Sales

During a recent Uber ride at the Cattlemen’s Convention in Houston, some of the BioZyme® staff was shuttled around by a former marketer who was excited to learn that we too were involved in marketing and sales. He rattled off the five Ps of marketing: product, price, place, promotion and people and offered to come to work for us if we needed a guy in Houston. I appreciate his enthusiasm and contend that we should all be so inquisitive to discover our customers’ passion.

What made Mr. Uber driver such a good salesperson? In less than 10 minutes, he found out about our passion. He discovered that we were in town for a convention about beef cattle and we were there to promote animal nutrition products. I would challenge each person who reads this article to really focus on that fifth p of marketing: the people. Get to know the passions of your customers so you can sell the products that they are looking to buy.

Yes, it is usually easy to sell the products that BioZyme offers when you are able to talk about all the research behind them, their mode of action and share testimonials from other customers. However, to make sure you are getting the right products to your customers, take at least 10 minutes to find out what your customers are truly passionate about. Do they want more live animals on the ground? Do they want their cows to breed back faster? Do they have horses or dogs that you don’t even

know about? Or perhaps they have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews with show livestock that they want to see excel Just because you are visiting a cow-calf producer talking to them about the advantages of VitaFerm® Concept•Aid®, doesn’t mean they don’t have other interests or passions. Take this example from Justin O’Flaherty, Area Sales Manager in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia. She was visiting a cow-calf operation to discuss the VitaFerm and Vita Charge® lines with the producer. While she was there, she also saw a barn full of his passion.

“I’m not a horse person. I went and met with an Angus breeder earlier in the week, but he had a barn full of horses. I’d much rather talk about cows, and I saw an opportunity. The more you talk about things you’re uncomfortable with, the more you become familiar. The same thing with HydraBoost®. We have so many pigs and chickens in my area. If you become more comfortable with the uncomfortable, you’ll be able to grow market share by expanding your product offering and getting out
of comfort zone,” O’Flaherty said.

And never discount the popularity of man’s best friend. Remember, dogs are family so marketing the Vitalize dog products should become second nature because if there’s a dog present, there’s someone in the household passionate about that four-legged friend!

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