Customer Testimonials Help Sell Products

Before Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and way before MySpace, there was a form of social media that cost nothing and took very little effort. Yet, some people still haven’t used it effectively. That medium is word of mouth marketing (WOMM). In one Nielsen survey, 92% of consumers believe in recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. And according to another study, 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most
effective form of marketing.

At BioZyme, we rely heavily on WOMM or testimonials to tell our product stories and help sell the products to other producers. Experienced Area Sales Manager Chris Kyle for Arkansas, Louisiana and northeast Texas, says the value in customer testimonials is that the person reviewing or talking about the specific product or experience has nothing to gain by doing so. He or she is merely bragging about
something positive that has happened on the farm or ranch and wants everyone else to know about it.

“The people who are talking about our products have achieved some sort of success in their area first and want others to know they have that feather in their cap,” Kyle said.

Most customers are glad to give a review or testimonial. You can ask for it written, take notes as it is given orally or even use the technology that you have on hand to
record a video.

“The customers don’t hold back. I ask them how a particular product is doing, and they will start talking and telling me about all the good things they have happen with their animals’ health,” Kyle said.

The value of a spoken testimonial increases when the person speaking can be captured on video. If possible, record a testimonial video. That way others can hear the emotion in the speaker’s voice and see the excitement on their faces. With today’s social media, one testimonial can reach much further than just the local coffee shop or feed mill. It can reach from coast-to-coast, and with dealers located
across the country, that WOMM is powerful.

Customers who have achieved success are passionate about the products they are talking about. It is important to remember those success stories when you have a producer meeting or customer appreciation event. If you know of customers who have had great success with the products, ask them to share their experiences with the crowd you have gathered. Their real-world stories and experiences that
their neighbors might also encounter will definitely help make a sale.

Finally, when sharing testimonials with customers, Kyle says he drop names of big-time, successful producers in the area. If he knows someone who runs a large herd and has had good results with a product, he might mention their name to someone down the road with fewer cows that is undecided about trying a BioZyme product.
He knows the first call that will be made when he leaves is to that neighbor, whose name Kyle mentioned.

Word of mouth marketing is the original social media and one that still works for marketing today! We are always looking for great customer testimonials to share in our advertising, in promotional materials and on social media. If you have a customer with a great testimonial, please reach out to your ASM or contact Shelia Grobosky at

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