Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Quality

Leader: Theron Cooper

Number of people currently on your team: 8

List of each team member and role they play at BioZyme:

Lori Cruz – Quality Manager Lori leads the quality aspects ensuring that the facility is compliant with cGMP practices and maintains OMRI, SFSF, FAMI-QS quality systems. She ensures accurate and properly documented records are maintained for all certification audits.

Ryan Hoefling – Senior Manager of Sampling and Testing. Ryan oversees the sampling and testing of BioZyme products. Ryan ensures the analytical equipment is calibrated and reporting accurate results. In addition, he coordinates testing results with process continuous improvement opportunities and assists in production processes such as fermentation. Ryan also focuses on knowledge development of new products with improved properties and their uses.

Kelsey Goforth – Lab Manager Kelsey assists in the collaboration of the fermentation and production process by preparing the AO inoculant for the fermenters at the Easton facility. She also conducts microbial screenings to ensure the inoculant and fermentation batches are free of contaminating organisms.

Jakey Lian – Sampling and Testing Manager Jakey is the Sampling and Testing Manager at Stockyards and conducts sampling, testing, and inspection of all inbound materials and finished products manufactured by BioZyme. In addition, he maintains and manages the retention of samples.

Kelly Cortez – Housekeeping Manager Kelly manages the housekeeping staff and implements the overall house keeping plan of the facilities in accordance with the BioZyme weekly Norty Score card evaluations and the related SOP’s and checklists.

Sam Fones – Sanitation Specialist Stockyards – (Front) Sam conducts housekeeping and sanitation tasks at the Stockyards Front Warehouse zones and keeps our front warehouse areas clean and orderly.

Jordan Ide – Sanitation and Utilities Operator – (Easton) Jordan conducts housekeeping and sanitation tasks to keep the Easton facility clean and orderly. In addition, Jordan assists the night fermentation operations.

Theron Cooper – Director of Quality Theron is responsible for establishing quality, testing and reliability standards and ensuring they are implemented across the Supply Chain.

How does your team help with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers:

The Quality Team helps with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers by helping the broader BioZyme Team in the production of Safe, Accurate Products with reliable and proven performance that our customers can rely on.

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