Carrie’s Animal Health Relies on Word – of – Mouth Marketing

Carrie Brewton is no stranger to the cattle business, and she knows the importance of keeping cattle healthy and performing. She and her family have always provided mineral for their herd in north central Louisiana. However, challenges in getting their mineral combined with SuperiorLivestock partnering with VitaFerm® and Gain Smart® in their value-added programs, made it easier for her family to change up mineral brands.

Although her family wasn’t unhappy with the mineral they had been using on their cow-calf operation, it kept getting more challenging to get product and keep it stocked. When Superior partnered with the BioZyme® brands, and John Jeffrey talked to them about the Amaferm® advantage, it seemed like an straight forward decision to add to their mineral program.

Carrie’s Animal Health is a family-owned business near Clarence, Louisiana, with the primary customers being Carrie’s dad, brother and brother-in-law. The news of positive results they have experienced had spread to others in their area, and Carrie’s business has branched out to others. She said the products work and help with weight gain and overall health.

“I really like the Vita Charge® products we use. We get in quite a few yearlings and have been successful when we start them off with that product,” Carrie said.

Carrie’s primary customer base is comprised of cow-calf producers who feed the Concept•Aid® products. She also sells Gain Smart and Vita Charge–a winning combination for weaning and backgrounding calves prior to selling them on Superior.

With her dad, brother and brother-in-law all working as Superior Reps, it made sense to promote, use and sell a nutritional product that Superior recommends and partners with. Carrie and her family are glad she made the decision to sell BioZyme. And they are thankful for the positive results that others are having too. Carrie’s Animal Health is one dealer that shows the value of word-of-mouth marketing.

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