Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Marketing Team

Leaders: Jodi Eineichner and Macall Compton

Number of people currently on your team: 11

Key Responsibilities: To create awareness and customer demand for BioZyme brands and drive those new and existing customers to dealers and distributors in their area to buy the products that help their animals perform.

List of each team members and the role they play at BioZyme:

Jodi Eineichner – Interim Director of Strategic Marketing

The Director of Strategic Marketing is responsible for overall strategy, planning and development for all BioZyme marketing activities. Jodi works directly with the marketing and sales teams to create a unified message across all brands and expand BioZyme’s market exposure and brand reputation and recognition by identifying, evaluating, recommending and implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Macall Compton – Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

Macall is responsible for the daily operation of the marketing team as it relates to all marketing activities, including organization, planning, execution, monitoring and delivery on time and within budget.

Jamie Beatty – Marketing Design Coordinator

Jamie creates graphics for print and digital content for the company and across all brands. From the VISION newsletter to banners, postcards and web graphics, Jamie is the creative mind behind a majority of the design work.

Mackinze Gray – Website & Digital Marketing Manager & assists with Vitalize K9

Mackinze helps manage the websites across all brands. From uploading content to making sure the content that is on the site is current, she is your point of contact for all things digital. She is also a member of the Merchandise Team and helps coordinate with the brand managers to create fun, new merch to help promote our brands. On top of that, she has recently started helping our Vitalize Brand Manager create content for our Vitalize K9 brand.

Shelia Grobosky – Marketing Brand Manager – Dealers & Public Relations Coordinator

Shelia wears two hats–marketing our products and services directly to the dealers as well as serving as the Public Relations Coordinator. She is responsible for writing a majority of the content on the website, writes and distributes press release to the media and edits content for the entire team.

Wyatt Marshall – Event Manager & Texas Sales Specialist

Wyatt helps our Brand Managers at events promote the brand and projects we have while attending the event. He is also tasked with helping promote our Vitalize brand in Texas and creating opportunities there to grow our sales.

Brand Managers

Brand Managers listen to customers and followers to create content and deliverables to drive engagement. Through strategic content creation, the Marketing Brand Manager will engage brand followers in-person, through strategic relationships and across social media channels to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales. The Marketing Brand Manager will know how to implement strategies (both paid and organic) for events, key relationships and on the appropriate social platforms, and work with the Digital Marketing Coordinator to utilize analytics to understand performance to optimize and adjust moving forward.Brand Managers are passionate and familiar with their species and/or area of expertise. They also work closely with their counterpart in Business Development and Sales.

Samantha Albers – Marketing Brand Manager-Small Livestock (DuraFerm and Backyard Boost)

Hayley Keck – Marketing Brand Manager – Companion

Kylie Patterson – Marketing Brand Manager – Show

Ellie Sennett – Marketing Brand Manager – Vita Charge

Katelyn Williams – Marketing Brand Manager – Beef

How does your team deliver “care that comes full circle” for BioZyme Customers:

The Marketing Team helps with “care that comes full circle” in a few ways. The largest being with our Sure Champ brand. We have our internship program that helps our Marketing Brand Manager for Show attend several events and run our booths as well as come up with content to share on social and our websites, our leadership program that helps train students to become better leaders before they enter the workforce, and the Sure Champ in the Classroom program that offers content for 4-H and FFA leaders to use to help educate the youth. On top of that we want to bring that “care that comes full circle” message to all of the brands and start creating new opportunities to really help especially in these times of need. If you have any ideas of projects, we could implement to help promote this BioZyme, message please reach out to

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