Social media marketing is not a fad. It is here for the long haul and rightfully so. That isn’t to say that print or radio is not going to work; it does take the average consumer seven times to see or hear a message for it to make an impression. However, social media is something everyone should have in their marketing toolbox.

Nearly 3 billion people used Facebook in July, and another 2 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis. With that many people using social media, doesn’t it make sense for you to promote your business on these platforms too?

Although the BioZyme® Marketing Team offers Promoboxx as a free option for dealers to use already created social media content that aligns with the national advertising campaigns, there is still value in creating your own posts. At the Ag Media Summit in July, LindaNguyen, social media influencer, offered multiple tips to create engaging social media posts. Below are five suggestions to creating social media posts if you want to do so, in addition to using Promobox.

1.Introduce yourself, your business and your team members

Do this every quarter. Your customers want to know who they are doing business with. If you follow the BioZyme DealerFacebook Group and OnlineDealer Center, you will notice new BioZyme team is introduced monthly. It is important to us for you to know the faces and roles behind the compan

2.Share a recent positive review

Testimonials are a great selling tool! And, with the video capability of most smart phones, your social media post just got a lot savvier. Take a short video of the customer in front of your store or a pallet of product, and post that to your social media. Users really enjoy videos and photos.

3.Run a fun contest

Remember this is called ‘social media’ so it should be socially encourage engagement. Spell out your business name with SureChamp® pellets and have a contest to guess how many pellets it took, maybe you have a new dog and need a name for the dog. Whatever content you have, make it fun, include photos or videos and offer some sort of prize at the end of the contest.

4.Seasonal posts and national holidays

Google social media national holidays. You might have noticed in the BioZyme Facebook Dealer group, we recently “celebrated” National Tell a Joke Day and World Photo Day. Just like Hallmark has a card for any occasion, social media also has a reason to celebrate nearly every day of the year. These posts are also a good way to inform your customers of any holiday store hours or closings or if you are closing early for a special occasion like a playoff game.

5.Post a thank you to your fans and customers

Those two little words mean a lot to customer loyalty and retention. Don’t wait until November to post an appreciation post. Let your customers know how grateful you are for them throughout the year. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business. Once again, use a video to express your thanks. You’ll be glad you did and will they.

Social media is a great way to promote you, your business and your products. It’s also a free and fantastic way to engage with your customers on their time. Follow these tips above or simply sign up for Promoboxx to share your message, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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