Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Domestic Business Development – Sales

Leader: Bob Burkham, National Manager of Sales

Number of additional people on your team: 12

Key Responsibilities: The Sales TEAM is made of a diverse and knowledgeable group of Area Sales Managers (ASMS) who each sell to and service the existing dealer/distributor network and customer base, identify and cultivate new partnership and growth opportunities, work associated trade shows and events in which participation will help grow the business of the assigned territory. ASMs are multitaskers who work with various customers including the dealers, and include veterinarians, nutritionists, feed mills and producers. Most, if not all of them, have previous or current experience with at least one of the BioZyme® product lines, and all of them understand the importance of production agriculture and working with producers to achieve their goals.

List each team member:

  • Alison Brunner – Missouri
  • Brenen Diesen – Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
  • Scott Farmer – Southwest Texas, New Mexico
  • Kevin Glaubius – Nebraska
  • Chris Kyle – Arkansas, Louisiana, East Texas
  • Ty McGuire – Kentucky, Tennessee
  • Justin Packard – Oklahoma
  • Steve Patton – Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia
  • Rowdy Pope – Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida
  • Shane Schaake – Kansas
  • Brett Tostenson – North & South Dakota
  • Morgan Weinrich – Colorado, Wyoming, Utah

How does your team help with “care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers: The ASMs are the boots on the ground for the company, so they are most often the faces and voices associated with BioZyme and the product lines. Not only is it important for our team to be knowledgeable about the products, but it is just as important that they care about the people raising the animals and the animals themselves that are getting the products. The ASMs know a healthy animal is a happy, performing animal, and that is their goal. That is how they deliver care that comes full circle.

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