Sales diversification is one of the five key goals that BioZyme strives to achieve every year. And it isn’t just by chance. The leadership knows that offering a diverse product portfolio, creates sustainability and growth. Let’s explore why diversification is vital to any business to grow.

People care about the entire animal

Let’s think about some of the changes and new products that we’ve launched even in the last five years. For many years, we solely had a focus on gut health, and since we know that 70% of the animals’ immunity starts in the digestive tract. However, we now have the ability to also focus on joint health with the acquisition of Cogent Solutions Group. We now have joint products for horses, show livestock and dogs to help keep them comfortable and stay sound. People who truly care about the health of their animals are going to care for the entire animal.

The industry is multi-faceted

If COVID showed us anything, it taught us people are obsessed with producing their own backyard chickens, and now we have three products specifically designed for poultry in the Backyard Boost®line. This is just one more way to diversify your portfolio and to get the Amaferm® advantage to yet another species.

Speaking of another species, did you see that we now carry Backyard Boost Songbird Balls? These are going to be a great way to introduce Amaferm to backyard bird enthusiasts who love to watch birds. The primary writer of this article comes from a long line of bird watchers, who will be thrilled at the ease of filling bird feeders.

Diversification reduces risk

By offering a variety of product lines across several species, you reduce the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket. Although many dealers thrive on the VitaFerm® line, let’s think back to nearly 20 years ago and the “cow that stole Christmas.” What if the U.S. had a BSE outbreak? There probably wouldn’t be much need for cattle mineral. But equestrians would still be taking care of their horses, so Vitalize® would still be relevant.

Consumers like choices and convenience

Have you been to a retail pet food aisle lately? There are so many choices for dog and cat food, that it feels like our furry friends gets more options than most humans! However, if you have a customer whois buying a sheep, goat, cattle or horse product and also has pets, wouldn’t it be easy to also suggest the Country Natural Dog Food or one of the supplements from Vitalize or Trisxyn? Remember, pet owners love their animals and will typically spend money on them to keep them happy and healthy. It’s convenient if the owners can get their pet products from the same places they are already getting nutrition for other animals.

Diversification. It isn’t just another lofty goal. It is truly a way to grow sales – your sales. Offer a variety or products for all customers. The more product lines you carry, the more business you are likely to do with a given customer.

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