Master Dealer: Information Grows Your Passion To Sell

Knowledge is power. The more information BioZyme® can provide its dealers and distributors with about products, marketing tools and resources, the more effective salespeople they will be. That’s why in 2022, the BioZyme Master Dealer Training Program is getting a makeover – to make it more user friendly, provide more current and continuous information.

“Our goals have always been to provide our dealers with the product information they need to succeed, and in 2022, we are taking that a step further. We are creating new Master Dealer chapters that will help refresh their knowledge base to not only grow their BioZyme business, but their overall business as well,” said Jennifer Miller, BioZyme’s Outreach Sales & Support Senior Manager.

Coming Soon!
Miller said one of the most exciting changes coming to the Master Dealer program is the addition of curriculum. Starting approximately March 22, Master Dealer Chapter 3, will be launched, with a focus on the Online Dealer Center. This new session will cover pertinent user information about the ODC, which is also being revamped this spring.

Once the Master Dealer Chapter 3 is released, dealers will no longer have to wait a year to take the course work between the Master Dealer and Master Dealer 2. Dealers will be able to take all the course work in consecutive order and qualify for the Master Dealer status as long as they continuously carry four of the five product lines.

With no wait times in between courses, Miller said that dealers will remain fresher in their knowledge and be able to continue to learn as their time allows. She also said that new chapters will be released every six months to keep the content relevant and interesting to the dealers.

“They spoke and we listened. The dealers said they wanted more training tools and educational resources, so we are going to deliver these new chapters on a schedule every six months,” she said. “We are working to provide our dealers with the information they want and need to succeed in their business.”

More Changes
The new Master Dealer Chapters will be focused on one subject area and will be only four sessions long, for consistency and user ease, according to Miller. So, Chapter 3 will focus only on the tools provided in the Dealer Center and how to use those to grow sales.

Another change is that publicity won’t necessarily be sent with the completion of each chapter, but more upon completion of the first level and milestone levels.

Here to Stay
Because the BioZyme Team understand that some things are working great with the Master Dealer Program, some features are not changing. For example, dealers will still log in through the ODC for the Master Dealer portal. A dealership can also have multiple users taking the trainings.

Miller said the reward system will also stay the same, as it is important to recognize those dealers who do go above and beyond to seek extra information. Rewards are as follows:

  • Chapter 1:
    500 Action Awards Points, Master Dealer Jacket and store
    • Chapter 2:
    250 Action Awards Points, BioZyme Yeti and VitaFerm® caps
    • Chapter 3:
    250 Action Awards Points, BioZyme Sweatshirt,
    • Chapters 4 & Beyond:
    More Action Award Points and amazing prizes

Finally, because new products are launched and other changes happen, the Master Dealer on-demand courses will remain. Any time there is timely information one of these programs will become available in the on-demand curriculum until it is no longer a timely course; then it will be moved to the Master Dealer Chapter 1.

The Master Dealer Program is all online, user friendly and available to you at your time.

“I feel that in the last three days of going through all the training courses, I have learned so much that as a rancher myself, I was not aware of. I look forward to using your products as well. I appreciate the opportunity to learn all this information,” said Missy Rerich, BWI Inside Sales, Schulenburg, Texas.

Join Missy and nearly 300 other dealers who have completed the Master Dealer Program to better their business. Use the tools, learn the products and watch your business grow!

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